TSC Spotlight Agent: Mary Ann Porter, Managing Broker

mary ann porter tsc agentMary Ann Porter, Managing Broker at Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services (TSC), has been selling real estate in the Tampa Bay area for close to 30 years, beginning shortly after graduating from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in business finance. She was encouraged by her parents, both then in real estate, to follow in their footsteps.

“I fell in love with the business and feel blessed that I found my ‘calling’ so early in life,” Porter said.

Porter, who grew up in Tampa and graduated from Plant High School, has been married for almost 25 years to Gale Porter, Jr., a Tampa native. Together they have three children, 21, 20 and 17, who also have either graduated from Plant High or will graduate this next year. She also is a long-time tennis player and loves boating and being on the water.

Porter came on board with TSC June of 2015. Her first order of business was to secure the right building in the right location for the office. She found it at 3907 Henderson Blvd shortly after the team started their search and closed September 2015. A full renovation was required, and TSC opened its doors May 9, 2016.

“During the renovation phase, the leadership team met almost full-time to brainstorm and decide how TSC would work, choose websites and document management, email info, etc… I feel completely and totally grateful and blessed that I was chosen to help create this company that is TSC.

“To be on the ground floor of this amazing organization and help to create what is and will be a long-term, ongoing business and contributor to the Tampa Bay community. is something I never imagined on this scale. To work with such like-minded individuals who seek to promote integrity, professionalism, transparency, genuine care for others and relationship building, community outreach and so much more is a gift that I can never repay,” she said.

Porter takes great pride in leading TSC as a leading brokerage that is agent centric and always available to agents for one-on-one meetings, tomlin st cyr real estate officementoring, assistance, guidance, training and more.

“I love that we all care and work together as a team,” said Porter. “We celebrate each other’s accomplishments, brainstorm ideas, share what works and what doesn’t, work together to accomplish our individual and collective goals and encourage each other; I feel all of these things bring out the best in all of us in how we treat each other and how we treat other agents, clients and people in the community.”

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