Tampa Millennials best place to live

Why More Millennials are Choosing Tampa Bay

The Employment

Tampa has the healthiest housing market in the nation. TenX, a real-estate auction and analytics company, rated locations based on key factors such as unemployment rates and the growth of population, wages and jobs.

Although Tampa has a thriving job market, including 19,000 people at MacDill Air Force Base, an increasing number of Millennials are opting to start their own small businesses, becoming known as “Tampreneurs.”

tampa entrepeneurship

The Environment

Millennials find that Tampa is small enough where they can make a difference in business, philanthropy and governmental policy, but large enough that the urban lifestyle they desire exists.

According to Forbes, Millennials seek communities with beautiful beaches, warm weather, parks, nightlife, local events, culture and low crime rates, all of which Tampa boasts. An affordable cost of living is another top factor bringing young people to the bay area.

In 2016, Tampa Bay’s single-family home prices soared nearly 14 percent compared to 2015. In fact, that was the largest year-over-year gain in the area in at least six years and the biggest increase of any major metro area in the state, according to Florida Realtors. Tampa also ranked high in several other areas, including:

  1. No. 1 housing market for first-time homebuyers (Zillow)Tampa Bay Real Estate
  2. Hottest city for startups (Fortune)
  3. Most pet friendly city (RewardExpert)
  4. No. 1 city people moved to in 2016 (Realtor.com)
  5. Best overall city in the Southeast (Money Magazine)

Ready to Make the Move to Tampa?

We’re happy to call Tampa home and we’re excited to help new home buyers make the move to our area. If you’re considering buying a home here, feel free to reach out. We’d love to help!

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