Three Ways to Assist your Agent in Selling your Home on Social Media

In this technology-driven age, it’s crucial for home sellers and real estate agents to remain active on social media to nurture interest in newly listed properties. Ninety-nine percent of people looking for homes are using the Internet to find their perfect home. At Tomlin St Cyr, we have a marketing plan that includes a number of social media platforms and tactics to engage your friends, followers and attract an audience of potential buyers.


Facebook has a unique ability to target posts and ads that is invaluable. Your agent likely will be using Facebook ads, boosts and campaigns to reach a broader audience outside of your sphere of friends. You can help your agent by telling him or her any unique stories about your neighborhood, sharing photos with them or painting a picture of what living in your home is really like.


Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and is a perfect one for showcasing your home. The ability to share photos and videos to a targeted community using hashtags gives you an incredible reach to potential buyers. You also can use Instagram Stories to feature rooms in your house, the outside, neighborhood and even nearby parks, retailers and restaurants to highlight the area.


Marketing professionals know that video content currently has the best return on investment. Uploading a neighborhood guide or home tour of your own could attract views from the curious in addition to making the listing easier for buyers to discover when they research the area. Create content that is unique and sets you apart from others selling their home. Reshare your videos on Facebook and remember to use keywords on YouTube to attract the right audience.

As you start creating your social media posts, remember to take high-quality photos that are well-lit and smartly stylized, create content that you would want to read and be enthusiastic. Be consistent with your posts but don’t expect to do it once and receive an immediate result. Stay focused, diligent and continue to capture moments of your home, lifestyle and neighborhood. You and your agent should be in constant communication to make sure that together you have a social media strategy to attract the perfect buyers.

charise strandbergCharise Strandberg, Director of Marketing & Digital Media
Charise is a graduate of The University of Florida and has lived in Tampa Bay for over 25 years. She is recognized as a global online influencer and one of the top 400 women to follow online. She is skilled in brand management and the overall digital experience for both the business and client. She has a passion for keeping up to date on constantly evolving technologies and brings a unique blend of technical skills, writing, content strategy, customer relationship management, and an understanding of all things digital. Having worked with hundreds of small businesses in Tampa Bay, she is well known in the community and her mission has always been to help businesses understand the value of having a strong online presence while providing users and potential customers with the best experience.

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