Litmus Test: Are you Attractive, Magnetic or Charismatic?

stratospheric succes 5 lawsThe trait that distinguishes a person or organization to be genuinely attractive, magnetic or charismatic is the trait of “giving.” We call it  being a “Go Giver.”

There is a lovely book by a great man, Bob Burg, called The Go Giver.  This book describes in large part the culture at Tomlin St Cyr. It isn’t a strategy; it’s a way of life and conducting business. It is a must-read for everyone and a book I give to each of our agents and staff members. I hope you enjoy it and can incorporate it into your life or pass it on. Better yet, if you call me I will send you a copy of the book!

Our team is focused on a culture of giving. We help our agents and clients in creating memorable and positive real estate experiences. We listen. We place others’ interests first and center while providing high-level service. That is something the real estate marketplace wants very much, and we strive to exceed expectations.

We look forward to serving you.

hollyHolly Tomlin
Holly’s experience as owner of Tomlin Staffing for over 30 years brings many dimensions to the TSC team. She worked with HR directors, assisting their key executives in relocating to Tampa Bay. Those relationships are critical in developing a pipeline of leads for agents. Holly is focused on recruiting the best of the best agents to represent the TSC brand and looks forward to mentoring our agents to grow to their fullest potential as small business owners. Holly also is passionate about delivering superior customer service. She is known in the Tampa Bay community through her leadership roles - most notably with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Tampa General Hospital, USF Executive Health board and The Rotary Club of Tampa.

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  1. Hi Holly, excellent commentary on Go-Giver philosophy! Love to get a copy of the book. I see that the team you have built exemplifies the spirit you are known for of giving back. Congratulations on your continued success! You are immensely deserving. With admiration, Carolyn Eastman

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