Will Your Resolution Stick in 2019?

Nearly 45 percent of American adults make one or more resolutions each year. By far, the top three new money to buy a homeyear’s resolutions are:

  • Weight loss
  • Exercise program
  • Stop smoking

Also popular are resolutions dealing with better money management and debt reduction. But the following illustrates how many of these resolutions are maintained as time goes on:

  • Past one week: 75 percent
  • Past two weeks: 71 percent
  • After one month: 64 percent
  • After six months: 46 percent

runningOnly nine percent will keep their resolutions and achieve their goals, according to Quora. The only thing that stands the test of time are lifestyle changes. Instead of setting goals every year, create a better lifestyle for yourself. Going to the gym to lose 20 pounds is a goal. Going to the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle is who you are. People who set resolutions achieve something for the sake of achieving something, however, people who maintain the right lifestyle that they set for themselves continue to live it everyday, regardless of time, circumstances or excuses.

Here are seven strategies Forbes recommends for highly-effective New Year’s intentions:

  1. Know Your Why – Your why must align with your core values and go beyond superficial desires and connect with what truly matters to you.
  2. Be Specific – Describe your goals and resolutions in ways that allow you to track your progress and measure your success.
  3. Don’t Just Think it, Ink it – Writing down goals increases the probability of them achieving them by over 70 percent. But don’t just write down the specific goal, write down how you will feel when you’ve accomplished it.
  4. Design Your Environment – Create an atmosphere so that it’s hard not to do what you resolved. Make a progress chart.
  5. Narrow Your Effort – JUST ONE MAJOR UNDERTAKING to stay focused!
  6. Focus On The Process – If you want to become more fit, focus on being able to jog a little bit farther every time you go for a walk rather than being able to run five miles within a week. PERSISTENCE ALWAYS PAYS OFF!
  7. Forgive Your Failures – Don’t let your mishaps, setbacks and failures mean more than they do. Reflect on the lessons they hold and adjust accordingly.

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