The Pineapple Way: The TSC Team Always Saves the Day!

The pineapple, a key motif used in Tomlin St Cyr’s branding, is a symbol of hospitality, friendship and generosity. In this same spirit, we seek to evoke the same feeling of welcome to the real estate industry in Tampa Bay. Welcome to our second installment of The Pineapple Way, our franchise series illustrating how the TSC team goes above and beyond the status quo of real estate service.

TSC Founding Agent, Anita Roederer, represented a wonderful couple selling their home in Riverview. But there was one major problem: the buyers’ agent forgot to disclose that the buyers were set to be in Kazakhstan for several weeks, including the set closing date of the home. Anita and Pineapple Title agent, Amy Oest, scrambled to make sure the transaction had a smooth closing without alarming either party, despite a few wrenches thrown into the plan.

“If it had not been for Amy and the mortgage lender, the deal would’ve fallen apart,” Anita said. 

Navigating International Hurdles


Amy figured out how to get a power of attorney for the buyers, and how they would have to go to the American Embassy in Kazakhstan. She contacted the buyers via email with very specific instructions to get everything notarized and sent back for the closing. The signed paperwork was sent from Kazakhstan to Tampa via FedEx… but the package wasn’t showing up and time was tight. Amy called FedEx and discovered the package with the paperwork hadn’t been scanned in. This was when they discovered it was a two-day holiday in Kazakhstan (Victory Day, when Kazakhstan was liberated from Nazis).

The paperwork finally was received, but then another hurdle… The financial gift letter for the buyers from Kazakhstan had the incorrect amount, and the lender wouldn’t accept it. To complicate matters, the buyer’s agent was unavailable, so Anita and Amy had to contact the buyers through their lender. The lender called the buyer’s agent on closing day with time ticking, their power of attorney had to just strike through the incorrect numbers and sign the documents. And thankfully, the lender accepted! 

Why Choose TSC?

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“Amy figured out how to get the closing documents to Kazakhstan, to have the buyers go to the embassy, figure out the power of attorney, change and sign the paperwork,” Anita said. “If another title company who didn’t have the same vested interest that Amy does, we wouldn’t have closed.”

Amy added, “Because it was Anita and I know these guys personally – I make this a personal thing – I will do what I can to make this happen. At most title companies, you’re just a name on a piece of paper. Each and every contract is a personal acquaintance I get to know. By the time I meet them at the closing table, it’s like they’re family.”

About Anita Roederer:

Anita’s 30 years in business have honed her negotiation and marketing skills – vital assets in the real estate industry. Through diligent research, she provides customers with the market data they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Anita listens to her clients, and they say she is extremely knowledgeable, persistent and alongside them every step in the process. Active in the Tampa Bay community, Anita and her husband are avid sponsors of The Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay. She also is involved with The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, the Hospice Women of Philanthropy and various networking groups. Anita is a Founding Agent, having joined Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate in its inaugural year, 2016.

About Amy Oest:

Amy relocated to Tampa from Baltimore three years ago with her husband Steve and her two sons, Nathan and Nicholas. After the move South, Amy pursued her title insurance agent license and is now a title agent for Pineapple Title Agency. Prior to moving to Florida, Amy worked as a paralegal for 17 years at a fast-paced law firm in Baltimore. Many of those 17 years were spent working in the real estate department where Amy assisted in residential and commercial real estate closings. Amy conducted lien and title searches as well as prepared loan documents, title commitments and policies. She uses all of her experience, her attention to detail and strong background in real estate procedure to assist the agents at Tomlin St Cyr and to provide a smooth closing experience.  

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