The Pineapple Way: Going the Extra Mile

The pineapple, a key motif used in Tomlin St Cyr’s branding, is a symbol of hospitality, friendship and generosity. In this same spirit, we seek to evoke the same feeling of welcome to the real estate industry in Tampa Bay. Welcome to our second installment of The Pineapple Way, our franchise series illustrating how the TSC team goes above and beyond the status quo of real estate service.

Chris Frissell, Realtor at Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services

Tomlin St Cyr Realtor Chris Frissell, who’s resided in the Greater Tampa Bay area for more than 50 years, brings his deep knowledge of the region, helping execute successful transactions for his customers. Chris’s experience and exceptional customer service made all the difference to a senior widow who needed to sell her home in Odessa.

The seller’s daughters helped her pack and ship things up North to get the home on the market right away. But there was still some major cleaning and purging that needed to be done to properly stage the property before listing it. Chris spent many hours cleaning the garage, drawers, etc. and made six trips to the dump with hazardous materials and items the Salvation Army didn’t accept, saving the seller thousands of dollars on professional cleaning.

“I wanted to convey our family’s satisfaction concerning Chris Frissell, our sales agent, in selling our family home,” said Pamela Royce. “My father passed away and my 85-year-old mother needed to sell. To say that Chris assisted every step of the way would be an understatement. Chris made the sale happen. He completed this task with a calm demeanor, a professional persona and most importantly with a caring attitude. He did a great job!”

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