5 Fall Home-Staging Tips to Take Your Showings to the Next Level

Spring and summer are typically known as the best seasons for buying and selling, it’s true. But with low mortgage rates continuing, this fall stands to be a busy season for home buying—maybe even rivaling the traffic of the summer months!

If you’re planning to sell your home in the next few weeks or months, then you should take advantage of the benefits of the season. Here are our top 5 fall home-staging tips for wowing buyers!

Give Your Curb Appeal Some TLC

Rakes leaning against a building.

Falling leaves can create a lot of messes in your yard. In order to make the best possible impression on buyers, you’ll want to make sure to freshen up your landscaping and home exterior! Rake the leaves, tend to the garden, and clear out the gutters.

And don’t forget to add a few dashes of character! Have some fresh pumpkins? Set them on the doorstep. A cute scarecrow? Give him a place in the garden. A seasonal wreath? Hang it on the door. Don’t be afraid to lean into fall decor!

Set the Seasonal Tone

A cozy lit candle sitting on a wooden bar.

Warm pumpkin pie, freshly fallen leaves, fresh apple cider—fall is all about cozy comforts, and you have the perfect opportunity to incorporate them in your home-staging! Light a few scented candles, bake a fresh tray of gingerbread cookies, or set out cinnamon sticks, and make your home feel like a cozy seasonal getaway.

Some buyers might be allergic to certain scents, so make sure it isn’t too overpowering, but a candle here and there can go a long way!

Incorporate Warm Decor


You want buyers to feel at home from the second they walk through the door—and luckily, fall decor lends itself to that purpose. Here are a few quick decorating tips to keep in mind:

  • If you have time, consider painting the walls a neutral warm shade, like tan, dark red, or gold.
  • Use pumpkins and gourds or small seasonal flowers as centerpieces.
  • Color-coordinate your pillows and throw blankets.
  • If you have a fireplace, consider asking your agent to light it before the showing.
  • Use potted plants, candles, or spare books to fill empty space.
  • Set out some freshly baked cookies or a fresh pot of cider for buyers to enjoy during their showing.

Don’t Overdo It

A large collection of tea candles

While you definitely want to take advantage of your fall decor, be careful not to overdo it. An abundance of candles or one too many pumpkins can make buyers feel cramped or overwhelmed in your space.

You’d be surprised how far just a few decorations here or there go, so be sure to keep it simple!

Lighten Things Up

A bedroom window letting in sunlight through the curtains.

As we start to cross further into the fall season, the days get even shorter, and the hours of light never last as long as we’d like. Luckily, a well-lit home can brighten up a buyer’s day! If there’s still time to take advantage of the sunshine, be sure to throw open your curtains and let the light in. If it’s a little dreary outside or later in the day, consider adding a few extra lamps here and there, or even cozy string lights.

Need a Few More Tips?

While these tips are great for the season, there’s still a few more things you should do before buyers start walking through your door. If you want to hear the rest of our staging tips, just give us a call!

Need help with another part of selling your home? Check out our in-depth resources, or let us know how we can help.

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