The Spring Checklist You’ll Actually Use

Every spring we hear about the proverbial “Spring Cleaning.” Luckily, in Tampa Bay, we’re not just digging out from snow. But we’ve finally recovered from the holidays and many of us are ready to tackle some home projects. As a homeowner, once a year you should:

  • Flush your water heater
  • Review your homeowner’s insurance
  • Check your hurricane preparedness kit

And for fun, when was the last time you scheduled family photos? Plus, you should do some personal maintenance, too. Schedule an appointment to check in with your doctor, dentist, attorney, accountant, financial advisor, and, of course, REALTOR.

But it’s springtime, so here are a few tips to get things started on your decluttering and cleaning:

  1. Turn on the tunes! You have to get in the mood, right?!
  2. Clean room by room. Make a schedule. Don’t try to do it all in one day!
  3. Get the entire family involved.
  4. Make it a game. Consider downloading a step counting program and see which day you can get the most steps in.
  5. Start at the top and work your way down. Literally. Dust settles. Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans first, the top of doors and closets, and work your way down to baseboards and floors.
  6. Windows and walls need love too… inside and out!
  7. Clear the clutter. Create four categories: trash, donate, store, or put away.
  8. Plan a yard sale, online sale, or a trip to a local charity. 
  9. Tackle seasonal chores: A/C inspection, change the batteries in the smoke detector, clean dryer vent, flip mattress, clean gutters, sand and stain any outside exposed wood, and plant some seasonal flowers.
  10. Plan a party! You’re going to want to celebrate once you get done!

Written by Marie Gregorio

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